Hoover's ATA Martial Arts

Workshops & Private Training at Hoover's ATA Martial Arts

Useful events that give our local community members the skills they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.


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Hoover's ATA Martial Arts

Hoover's ATA Martial Arts takes safety seriously

We are proud to offer the Sioux Falls community workshops on important topics such as:

and more!

Stay tuned for the latest updates on workshops and seminars being hosted at our school.

Self-Defense Courses

Learn how to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself in real life. 


You'll learn how to get out of danger and make your way to safety quickly and efficiently. Being able to confidently defend yourself is unfortunately becoming an essential skill in today's world. We focus on:

• Recognizing and avoiding conflict situations
• Managing professional and social harassment
• Sexual assault countermeasures and basic self-defense strategies

Learn how to respond to a wide variety of confrontations with an emphasis on minimizing your risk. Training will be fun and safe! Come meet new friends and get a light workout all while learning valuable lifesaving skills!

Confidently Defend Yourself

Learn Important Techniques

Feel Safe in any Situation

Private Lessons

If you are looking to reach a higher level of proficiency, fitness, strength, and flexibily while realizing your personal best, our private instruction can help. One on one training with Chief Master Larry Hoover lets you focus on the key areas you are looking to improve and help you reach your goals. We will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan that utilizes each. 


Private instruction allows for instant feedback to develop and improve your techniques. We can also work with your schedule to provide more flexible training options so you can fit your training into your busy schedule. 


Private instruction consists of three, one-half hour training sessions and is only available to registered students. Please contact us to schedule your private lessons today!

Black Belt Camp

Chief Master Jager and Chief Master Hoover are excited to invite you to join in the 30th Region 114 Black Belt Camp.


The yearly camps have kept Region 114 close and strong and we are looking forward to another great weekend of comradery, training and motivation. Certified and Trainee Instructors please consider this as a mandatory gathering of 114’s finest. 


Join us February 23-24, 2018



High Rank Testing

School Owner Workshop

Certification Levels 1-3


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