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Region 114 Black Belt Camp & Owner's Workshop

Join us February 23-24, 2018 at Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp 


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Black Belt Camp

Camp Information

Location: Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp, 1203 Inwan Street, Milford, IA 51351 
Check In: Friday, February 23 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
Rank Testing: Friday, February 23, 5:30 p.m. prior to official bow in for the weekend camp. 
Start Time: Friday, February 23, 6:30 p.m. EAT DINNER PRIOR TO ARRIVING AT CAMP 
Registration: Registration forms and fees available here. Online registration is also available. 
Registration must be postmarked by February 10 otherwise a $25 late fee will be charged. 
Weapons: Double Ssahng Jeol Bong, Jahng Bong (long staff), Ssahng Nat and Gum Do Sword. If Weapon Chevron Certifying Level 1 is Single Weapon, Level 2 is Double Weapon; Level 3 is Long Range Long Staff 
Weapon/Chevron Test: Review tournament rules prior to camp to take Test 

Send your camp registration form and camp fee to Chief Master Larry Hoover, 2101 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Camp starts at 6:30 p.m. on Friday and will conclude Saturday evening after the banquet. As in the past campers are welcome to stay over Saturday night, please see registration form for cost; continental breakfast will be available Sunday morning. We are enforcing an age limit for campers so all instructors can get the most out of camp. ALL CAMPERS MUST BE 13 YEARS OR OLDER NO EXCEPTIONS. Instructors are reminded they are in charge of their students under the age of 18. We will have our Annual Banquet Saturday evening. The dress will be casual dress sweats. 

High Rank Testing

Because of Region 114's rank we can now midterm 7th degrees and below

Testing will be Friday at 5:30 pm after the initial bow in. 

Register online at www.ataregion114.com. All testing fees and midterm fees (separate checks) are to be sent directly to:

Master Eric Rebnord
c/o Hoover's ATA Martial Arts
2101 West 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

A separate testing check is required payable to ATA and must be received by February 12. If you have any questions regarding testing please contact Master Rebnord at (605) 360-9553.

Download registration forms here. 


Certification seminars begin at 9:00 a.m. Friday morning, February 23. See registration sheet for information. Must be postmarked by February 10. A separate check is required. Please see registration form for new two-part fee schedule

Fee is now broken down into two parts:

PART 1: Level –Up fee be paid directly to ATA HQ through the instructor. Please see your instructor for level-up cost.
PART 2: Certification Participation Fee is: 

$149 IF Attending Region 114 Camp Feb. 23-24 
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  - Please contact the school for late registrations

$209* IF NOT Attending Region 114 Camp Feb. 23-24
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  - Please contact the school for late registrations

*Please note that an additional fee of $50 will be added to the certification participation cost for those instructors not attending the full Region 114 Black Belt Weekend Camp. A $5 fee will be added to online registrations.

Level One: Instructed by Sr. Master Janelle Gleisner 
Materials Covered: 
Life Skills: Goals, Courtesy & Loyalty 
Teaching Skills: Black Belt Attributes 1, 2 &3; Rapport Building, Class Management Skills, 
Physical Skills: Songahm 1, 2 & 3; Forms and One Steps 

Level Two: Instructed by Senior Master Shane Sanders 
Materials Covered:
Life Skills: Respect, Attitude (Spirit) & Perseverance 
Teaching Skills: Black Belt Attributes 4, 5 & 6; Class Structure, Rapport Building 
Physical Skills: Songahm 4 & 5, InWha 1, Forms, One Steps, Sparring & Board Breaks 

Level Three: Instructed by Chief Master Larry Hoover 
Materials Covered:
Life Skills: Honor, Self Control & Integrity 
Teaching Skills: Black Belt Attributes 7, 8 & 9; Instructor Points, Rapport Building 
Physical Skills: Forms, One Steps, Sparring Combinations, Etc. 

Recertification: Must do Level 3 for Recertification. 4th Degrees and above earn 10 leadership points good for 3 years. 

4th Degrees and Above: Friday seminars are considered a National Camp Seminar. 4th Degrees & above attending may participate in any level – however, they must be “tested” via the level 3 score sheet – which means they must show all the material. You can earn (10) leadership points and it is a good chance for review and practice. 

Camp Details and Registration

Region 114’s 2018 Okoboji Black Belt Camp - February 23 & 24, 2018

Friday School / Club Owners Workship $ -0-
Camp Cost (Fri Night Lodging & Saturday Meals) -- $195.00* 
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  - Please contact the school for late registrations​
       Addt’l Family Member (Fri Night Lodging & Sat Meals) - $120.00
Camp Cost (Fri & Sat Night Lodging & Saturday Meals) - $220.00*
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  - Please contact the school for late registrations​
       Addt’l Family Member (Fri & Sat Night Lodging & Sat. Meals) - $145.00
Late Fee - Registrations Postmarked After 2/10/2018 - $25.00

*Please note, $5 fee will be applied to online registrations

Printable Registration Forms and Informations sheet

School/Club Owner Workshop
Friday, February 23 12:00-4:00

• Increase Student Base
• Better Retention
• Social Media – Web Page Design
• Share Successes And Failures 
​• Bounce Ideas Off One Another For Honest Insight and Feedback

Every ATA Region strives to do their best. What separates Region 114 from the pack is we are not afraid to learn from each other regardless of rank. Failure to plan is often planning to fail. This workshop is being offered to school / club owners who have registered for the weekend camp. Instructors must register for this workshop by checking line one of the camp registration form. This workshop will be held at Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp and is starting at Noon on Friday to allow drive time. 


Directions to Okoboji from Hwy 86:
• Look for the green road sign that says Okoboji Camp ELCA on the west side of the road approximately 4 miles south of Vicks Corner (Intersection of Hwys 9 and 86).
• Turn east off Hwy 86 at a new green space on the corner of Hwy 86 and 190th St.
• Go east on 190th 1 block (Do not cross the intersection towards the tennis courts).
• Turn left and go north on West St. about 2 blocks.
• The road will dead end straight ahead and you must curve to your right and proceed east on that road. It has now been renamed Lakeside Ave.
• Stay on Lakeside past the Kazarelli's at Miller's Bay Restaurant and continue east over the canal bridge.
• There will be a fork in the road that you can turn south on Harpen or east on Lakeside. Stay on Lakeside and continue east about another block.
• You will come to the main entrance to the camp that is marked with a large sign and a gravel parking lot. The Welcome Center is located in the lower level of the Thomsen Center.

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